Avantage Audit Auditing and Consulting Group

Avantage Audit Auditing and Consulting Group was founded in 1998, joining a group of auditing companies and has been operating successfully on the markets of auditing, consulting and legal services ever since. 

Avantage Audit has been listed among Russia’s 100 biggest auditing and consulting groups by Expert Rating Agency. Modern technology, vast auditing experience and highly qualified employees have enabled our company to grow fast.  Our professionalism has been appreciated by more than 350 our clients. Our specialists have carried out more than 2500 projects in different fields of auditing and appraisal. 

Avantage Audit LLC is a member of a number of professional associations:

The Moscow Mayor Committee for Audit Coordination has included Auditing and Consulting Group Avantage Audit in its Register of Trustworthy Auditing Companies of Moscow.
In November 2012 the Russian Audit Chamber successfully tested Avantage Audit Auditing and Consulting Group for quality of services and professional ethics. Previously, our company was tested by the Russian Audit Chamber In February 2009 (Russian Audit Chamber session journal №2 of 27.02.2009), in April 2006  (Russian Audit Chamber session journal №3 of 04.17.2006) and in March 2004  (Russian Audit Chamber session journal №3 of 04.12.2004).

We believe in adhering closely to our clients’ interests and rendering high quality services promptly. Our client relations are based on mutual trust and support.     
Our employees are all carefully chosen and are skilled in working in the complex environment of Russian legislation.   Our specialists’ vast experience enables us to use comprehensive approach in revealing and solving the problems of our clients.  We have also developed special service packages for the main groups of our clients.

We do not inspect – we help!

Contact us

Our legal and postal address: 5 Stroitelnaya street, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia 143405
Our office in Moscow is located: 56 bld.2 Mishina street, Moscow 127083

tel./fax +7(495) 787-64-29, 787-64-30,  787-64-31 
E-mail: info@avantage-audit.ru